What we Do

We offer a variety of concrete services. Listed below are some of the ways we can help with you next project.

Decorative Concrete - Polished, Staining, Decorative overlays.

Resurfacing - Decorative underlayment finish to Heavy use surfaces.

Joint Repair - Rebuild Joint and Filling (epoxy to Polyurethane).

Expansion Joints - Flexible to Semi-Rigid (Load Transfer Joint).

Stabilize slabs - Stabilize slab movement by injection.

Leveling - Grinding raisued joints leven and high area (Isles in High Rack Storage).

Grinding - Form rough surface prep to High Polish.

Epoxy Flooring - Coatings, Decorative (Flake, Quartz, to high build Epoxy Mortar).

Surface - Sealing, Cleaning, Removal of old adhesives (carpet to VCT).

Repair - Cracks, patching, spalling, pop-outs, scaling, etc.

Installations - Floor scales, basins, drains, equipment bases and rails, etc.

Narrow Aisle Wire Installation (Self-Guidance forklift and AGV (Auto Guide Vehicle))

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